• Feasibility study to set up Fab Water Bottling business in Tanzania
  • Business Plan for designing a de-risked and optimized motorcycle transport system in Tanzania
  • Due diligence and advisory service for Acquisition of a local gas company in Tanzania
  • Advocacy papers for removal of CET 45% on rice exports to Rwanda, and adoption of Double Taxation
    agreement in EAC, for TPSF and East Africa Trade and Investment hub
  • Research to establish the level of Tanzania private sector participation in EAC Common Market, for
    Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)
  • Funding strategy for Delina General Enterprises investment portfolio in the areas of logistics,
    fuel business, real estate, and transportation
  • Fundraising for Serin trailers project by Delina Enterprises group
  • Project proposal for setting up a Medical college in Dar es Salaam by Munazzamat Institute
  • Value Chain analysis for maize, beans, sorghum and coffee for Hasmon group in Tanzania
  • Value chain analysis for Pulses, Maize, and Beans in Tanzania for Patterson Group
  • Pre-feasibility study for LPG home distribution system in Dar es Salaam
  • Pre-feasibility study for Maize Processing Plant in Kisesa, Magu district, Mwanza region
  • Due Diligence/Pre-Awards Assessment for 13 grant applicants to Tanzania Media Foundation in DSM, Mwanza, Bukoba, Ngara, Kigoma, Tabora, Mbeya, and Songea
  • Preparing Tanzania Export Handbook, Trademark East Africa
  • Preparing the Tanzania Private Sector Growth Index, Tanzania Private Sector foundation
  • Design and Management of Mwema Family Investment Trust
  • Pre-feasibility study for the roll-out of Integrated Hospital Management system to all district hospitals in Tanzania
  • Research and advise of On-Street Car Parking Management System for Dar es Salaam City Council
  • Pre-feasibility and Detailed feasibility study for Mahadil General Hospital and College
  • Institutional Profile for SUMA-JKT
  • Proposal for DAWASA Hygiene Campaign
  • Market research for Silent Ocean on the proposed new consumer product
  • Management Training on Strategic Planning to Tanzania Police Force
  • Research on political discourse for improving the business environment in the regions of
    Mwanza, Morogoro, Kigoma, Kilimanjaro, Mtwara, and Mbeya
  • Business and financial model for organic farming business in Tanzania for a Danish company, Gron Fokus
  • Project and Funding proposal for setting up Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) modern Testing
  • Managing Partner engaged by President’s Delivery Bureau (PDB) as a local facilitator for Business Environment Lab in Tanzania under Big Results Now Initiative
  • Investment Strategy and Risk Policy for Fanikiwa Investments Co.Ltd
  • Business plan and set-up of TPSF Enterprise Development Center in Tanzania
  • Feasibility study for proposed UHT-Line for Tanga Fresh
  • Feasibility study for Ultra modern curricula centre for Tanzania Institute of Education
  • Market research for MAKAZI Finance
  • Business and financial restructuring of Terracotta Lubs & Petroleum
  • Communication Strategy for DAWASA
  • Business Plan of residential apartments for Hon. Judge Augustine Ramadhani
  • Countrywide research for the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
  • Feasibility study for upgrading and alterations of Lake View Hotel
  • Business Plan for setting up a Pulse Processing plant at EPZ for Pancham International (Indian
    Based Group)
  • Concept and pre-feasibility study for Nachingwea Community Bank
  • Business plan for St. Johns University students hostel
  • Value chain analysis and project review on Village Savings and Loan Groups (VSL) for CARE Tanzania