SSC apital has been operating for 11 years now, created more than 100 business cases.

SSC Capital is a strategic advisory and investment banking firm, supporting our clients to grow their businesses and ensure that their investments generate the best returns that are sustainable and create long-term value.

Our firm works in five (5) main areas namely Strategy, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Training, and Private Equity & Venture. The capital we have been operational for 11 years now, having served a diversity of clients from both the public and private sectors.

We have managed to carry out assignments of more than USD 400m in project value, and we have created more than 100 business cases. We boast great team expertise and experience, vast local knowledge, and adequate exposure to the international landscape.


SSC CAPITAL is a member of Dubai Chamber of Commerce.


To build a one-stop Pan-african marketplace for advisory, financial and investment services for our enterprise and consumer clients.